Saturday, December 20, 2008

More Richter's Blooms

At long last my newest Richter's violets are blooming! The plants are still babies and are in need of transplanting. Soon I will disbud them, pot them up, and let them grow up. It's really nice to see the blooms, though! I am still waiting for Bambino to open.

My babies lined up

Richter's Pearly Shells (1607) 03/30/1966 (F. Richter) Double medium pink. Ovate, quilted. Large (I accidentally snapped the flower off while trying to maneuver it into a better position, so I just propped it up)

Richter's Charm Song (1137) 08/19/1959 (A. Richter) Double light blue. Ovate. Standard

Softique (1957) 07/09/1969 (A. Richter) Double pale pink. Ovate, quilted, fluted. Standard

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