Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Vintage Blooms

I was blessed to receive leaves and plantlets I probably never would have bought. In fact I wasn't even sure if I wanted to make room to grow them. But I did, and I'm glad.

Amethyst (12) 11/26/1957 (Armacost & Royston) Single red-orchid. Heart-shaped, quilted, glossy. Standard
I'll try to get better pictures after more blooms open.

This picture compares the S. ionantha bloom and the mauve House of Amani bloom.

S. ionantha 5c.1. cl. House of Amani - Single pale mauve to deep blue-purple, rarely white, 4-12 per peduncle. Leaves oval to elliptical, medium to dark green above, pale green to purple beneath, edges smooth or slightly wavy, upper surface with short erect hairs, veins sometimes paler color than rest of leaf. Standard rosette. Saintpaulia species

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