Friday, January 1, 2010

Time for Pictures!

Glitterstar (I. Fredette) Bright pink/ruby sparkle edge. Variegated dark green, ivory and rose, plain. Standard.

Glitterstar was given to me by a friend in Missouri and she got it from her mom. I was playing with some lighting effects. Below is the same plant under my plant lights, a few days earlier when only one bloom was open.


Curlina (A. E. Adams) Single rose pink, faint geneva. Variegated TL. Miniature.

I love this little plant. I wish I knew what year Curlina was introduced.

Windsome (10116) 08/15/2009 (H. Pittman) Semidouble medium blue/white edge. Medium green, plain. Miniature (DAVS 1508, TX Hyb).

Windsome is another cute little plant. I won best in class with this one in a show a few years ago. It has been around for quite awhile, but I see there is a registration date now, so it must have been registered last year. Now I can't recall when it was introduced. I wish the AVSA would preserve the introduction date when an old violet is registered. The picture above in indoor lighting and below is window light.


Kaper (Richter)

Topps (Richter)

There is a story behind this picture. I grow minis. They like me. Standards tend to stay small-ish for me, more like large semi-minis. Usually by the time they are approaching standard-size the outer leaves are dying. I don't have a lot of luck potting up, either, but I received a couple 5-inch pan pots (really shallow pots for planting bulbs). So I potted Topps in a pan pot. It is wick watered, but it often runs dry. It sits on a high shelf in a south window, sheltered from full sun by a lace curtain. None of my home-made light shelves are wide enough. Anyway, the last time I took it down for watering I thought "holy cow this plant is getting big!" So I took a picture with a 12-inch ruler. The plant actually measures nearly 16 inches across. I know people who regularly grow violets this size and larger but this is a first for me.


Susan said...

your violet photos are great!
I used to have some violets by Richters- they were pretty.

candy t said...

Thanks! I wish you still had the Richter's. They are so hard to find.

A :-) said...

Candy - your Windsome looks like a Best In SHOW to me. Disbud it and get it ready for the Illinois State Show - I think you should enter this year!!!

candy t said...

Sorry it took me so long to find your comment A:-). This is the same plant I won BIC with at our club's show a few years ago. I miss that, I really do. I don't know when the Illinois State Show is or was but Windsome doesn't have a single bud right now.