Friday, June 4, 2010

My Happy Mother's Day gift

Thank you daughter and son-in-law for the Mother's Day gift! Here they are, from Lyndon Lyon (click on photos to enlarge):

Back row, left to right---subrhomboidea (in bloom!!) and Hisako
Front, left to right---Diane Marie and liboensis (with buds!!)

Here they are in isolation in front of the only window with a shelf. It's a north window so they should be happy. In fact, C. subrhomboidea enjoys winter temps down to near freezing and will respond with a flush of bloom in the spring. That's the main reason I wanted it. This window is cold in winter. The picture is a little fuzzy because it's a low-light photo without a tripod.

Left to right---Diane Marie, Hisako, subrhomboidea and liboensis

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