Friday, January 7, 2011

Trio from one plant

Since the orchids have dropped their flowers (the plants are STILL alive---wonder of wonders), I decided to post the newest blooms of interest. Last year I set leaves from Optimara Little Apatite. This one of my favorite Little Jewels. Some of the Little Jewels get wonky over time and you need to set leaves and toss the plant. Some sport in warm weather, like Opal, which will turn all purple and never turn back. I could go on, but if you really want to study the idiosyncrasies of the Little Jewels, visit my website. Anyway, I grew out three baby plants. One has true Apatite leaves, so I figured it would bloom true. The other two have light green leaves, so I figured I would get two Crystals, the registered sport of Apatite.

Here is the momma plant (two different lighting situations---NOTE--all the Apatite blooms on this page are the same exact color, but they look different under different lighting situations. So let that be a lesson in bloom color on the internet):

Optimara Little Apatite - Window lighting

Optimara Little Apatite - Indoor lighting

And the babies:

Optimara Little Apatite

Two babies had light green leaves, so here is the expected and registered Apatite sport, Optimara Little Crystal

And surprise!! The other green-leaved one turned out to be another registered sport, 
Amethyst Confetti (7555) 09/20/1991 (C. Carter) Single-semidouble chimera purple wasp/wide white stripe. Medium green, heart-shaped, pointed, hairy, glossy. Miniature.

Too cute!!!

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